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About Temple Quarter

Martin Rees, Mayor of Bristol

“Our vision for the area around Temple Meads is to create a sustainable and flourishing new urban quarter: a place that is welcoming to all – to live, work, study, enjoy leisure time and builds on our strengths as a world class city”   


Temple Quarter sits at the heart of Bristol and is primed to bring 22,000 new jobs, 10,000 new homes and an economic boost of £1.6 billion per year to the city.

With Temple Meads Station, the largest transport interchange in our region at its core, regenerating the wider area alongside the station is a once in a generation opportunity for the city. It will bring about the long-awaited transformation of a key site in the heart of the city, creating 22,000 new jobs and c10,000 new homes in proximity to significant areas of deprivation, and an economic boost of £1.6 billion per annum. With an innovation district forged around a new vibrant university enterprise campus, linking leading R&D with major businesses, Temple Quarter will be a national asset in levelling up the UK economy and helping to power the UK’s economic recovery post Covid-19: creating jobs, opportunities and homes for the entire city region.

The interlocking projects to transform this area include two that are on track for completion by 2023:

  • Critical infrastructure around Temple Meads railway station
  • Phase 1 of the Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus.

These investments are the key requirements to unlock this regeneration opportunity. The project is shovel ready with construction ready to start, subject to funding.

City leaders are working together across sectors in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, to develop an economic renewal plan for the city, utilising our One City approach. Central to our plans are a range of environmentalled regeneration and infrastructure projects to support the region’s journey to recovery. By far, the most significant of these is the regeneration of Temple Quarter.

Why this project matters

Embedded in sustainability, connectivity, inclusive growth and innovation, Temple Quarter will transform people’s lives. It will bring national, regional and local benefits, by providing world-class innovation, learning and employment, and it connect people to new opportunities, skills and jobs.

The project will transform a vast area of Bristol close to significant areas of deprivation, into a thriving, new urban quarter at the heart of the city, a place that is welcoming to all – to live, work, learn and visit. It will realise inclusive growth and opportunity for residents and businesses and, by transforming Temple Meads and the area around it into a world class transport hub, make the city better connected, easier to get around, more sustainable and ultimately more successful.

Temple Quarter meets Bristol’s and the West of England’s ambition to ensure the region remains a thriving, successful and innovative place for the future, and supports the Western Gateway partnership’s objective to promote green and inclusive growth across two nations. The Temple Meads station upgrade will unlock transport to South Wales and the South West of England, significantly increase passenger numbers and will improve connectivity between Bristol, Cardiff and London. The Research and Development hub within the Enterprise Campus conceived by the University of Bristol will forge stronger links with other leading universities, such as Cardiff University, ensuring the wider region focuses on its strengths in digital technology, green growth and engineering. Government investment and Bristol’s established credentials for partnership working, innovation and growth will help Temple Quarter unlock economic equality, opportunity and clean, sustainable growth.